4 Ways To Turn On Your Partner

Ladies, if you want to turn on your man, you’ll need to definitely read this! A few simple tricks can really reignite the spark in your relationship and help turn him on in the bedroom. As a couple, things can settle into a comfortable and relaxed routine once you’ve been together for a while. While that’s great since you’re both comfortable with each other, it can also make you feel less connected to each other. So here are some easy tips and tricks to turn on your man and reignite that spark:

  1. Unexpected Touches

When you’re in a nonsexual setting, go and lightly trace your fingertips in various patterns against his arms, thighs, lower back, etc. You’ll soon see that your guy will go nuts for these unexpected touches because he won’t be able to anticipate where you’re going to touch him next. These pseudo-sexual touches will make it feel naughty for both of you, so that you’ll want to hurry home and get in some bedroom action!

  1. Cuddle More

Release oxytocin into both your bodies by hugging, kissing, boot swatting and shoulder rubbing! Any loving touches that you give each other will release oxytocin, which is known as the “cuddle hormone.” It’s known to boost feelings of intimacy between you two so that you’ll feel more connected and intimate.

  1. Wear Lingerie

Kinky Lingerie is one of those things that no guy can resist, so make sure you wear some as much as possible! Surprise him by walking out of the bedroom with a lacy bra and panty set or wear a sexy corset under your clothes and let it show a bit to give him a hint of what to expect later on. Sexy lingerie is always a great place to start when you want to drive your partner wild! Things like babydolls, a lace bodysuit or a sexy teddy will definitely reignite the spark!

  1. Build Your Confidence

There’s nothing a man loves more than a confident woman. He’ll crave you after seeing how confident you are in everyday life and in bed. So do things to build your confidence like working out. You’ll feel like a goddess and it’ll also boosts endorphins in your body. These will make you feel happier and more likely to make you also crave sex more. Wearing lingerie under your regular clothes regularly can also boost your confidence and make you feel sexier than ever!

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