Different Opinions Women Have Regarding Lingerie

What do you think of when you lingerie? Do sexy black lace bra and panty sets come to mind? Or maybe a tight, body-hugging corset pops in your mind? Regardless of what you first envision at the word “lingerie,” something sexy is most likely going to come up. But despite this common depiction of lingerie, there are really many different viewpoints on it that range from super feminist to sexist. Here are a few different opinions women have when it comes to elegant lingerie:

  1. Kinky Lingerie Helps Spice Up Sex

Lingerie has long been associated with arousal, so many consider these sensual pieces as a tool to help spice up their sex life. Men love seeing women in enticing lingerie pieces like a lace teddy or sexy bodysuit, which makes him want to engage in sexual activities the minute he sees you in them. So if you’re in need of something to turn the bedroom on fire, sensual lingerie will definitely do the trick.

  1. Lingerie Can Be Sexually Liberating

A feminist might argue that lingerie can be sexually liberating. These sexy pieces of fabrics can give women the power to be sexy, choose what they want to buy, choose how she wants to present herself and ultimately gives her power over her own body. She can expose her fine lingerie to whomever she pleases and can use it as a tool to manifest her own sexuality.

  1. Lingerie Is A Secret For Yourself

Lingerie is used for a woman’s own pleasure and arousal since it allows her to own her body and how she dresses it. Lingerie provides a boost of confidence like no other and can be worn secretly underneath clothes. It encourages self-love and doesn’t have to be used with anyone else present. It’s a secret that only she needs to know.

  1. Lingerie Is Purely Functional

Although you think lingerie is sexy, it’s also functional. A matching bra and panty set covers your intimates and can provide comfort and more. Any visual embellishments can either be a pro or con depending on the person you ask.

  1. Lingerie Attracts Or Pleases Men

Some think that the only purpose of lingerie is to please men or help attract them. Usually, mainstream media and big brands make it seem as if a woman who wears lingerie is doing it for someone else to enjoy.

  1. Lingerie Is Sexist

Some women think that lingerie is straight out sexist. They don’t believe a woman needs to buy sexy lingerie to attract a man.

So which opinion on lingerie do you have?

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