The Train adventure PT 1.

“would you like to buy lingerie?” a voice cooed from beside Annabelle, she turned to find an older lady dressed simply in a greyish blue cotton dress staring up at her. Annabelle was by no means short, at five foot nine she wasn’t exactly tall either, but the older woman looked to be at least a head shorter than her. She’d chosen this trip to counter her family and friends claim that she was boring, and what better way to prove that than buying kinky lingerie from a random old lady in the trade market. Smiling she nodded, “yes please.”

The older lady nodded accepting her answer, turning she faced the table Annabelle hadn’t noticed before, she began to search through for something. After a moment, she lifted her hand in it was a red bra and pant set. “this is perfect for you.”

Annabelle wanted to protest, red was a far too bold color, but the woman ignored her, packing the set into a plastic bag, “here, I’ll give it to you fifty off.” Now, she was suspicious. “I don’t thin-

“This set will bring you adventure.” Annabelle nodded, fine. She would take the damn thing. She paid the lady and made her way back to the hotel where she lodged.

That had been three days ago, staring at the set now she wondered if it was really a good idea to wear it. but it was her last day and besides, she had washed it. what could possibly happen? Moments later she sat in the train that would take her to Amsterdam where she would board her flight, it would be a ten-hour journey and so she positioned herself to sleep.

Five minutes later she woke up in a flush, her whole body tingled in excitement. She turned around to see if anyone else was experiencing the same, but everyone seemed focused on their business. She folded her leg together, trying her best to hold in the feeling that had come over her. Her breast tingled and grazed the material of her bra, peaking slightly as the imprint showed on her dress. What was happening?

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