The Train adventure Pt. 2

It had been two hours since she’d been forced out of her sleep. Her whole body was still quivering, and hot. She hadn’t been able to get much work done and honestly, staring at the pictures of models in kinky lingerie was not helping her inexplicable state of arousal. This was the first time in her seven years as a marketing employee for a lingerie company that the content had ever been an issue. Even now as she scrolled through the files all tagged under different fields; erotic lingerie in Canada, buy lingerie online in Canada, buy lingerie in Canada she could feel her clit pulse as she stared a little too long at the bulges in the proposed ads.

Since the train was divided into compartments, she decided to close the door. Standing up she held the door slot in place ready to drag it shut when a hand came over hers. She stared at it for a few seconds wondering at first where they had come from and who they belonged to before taking in the long fingers and the masculine grip above hers. Something was wrong with her, she needed water, but first, she needed to know who those hands belonged to.

Looking up she came face to face with a man a little taller than herself, he had chestnut-colored hair bright brown eyes and a chiseled frame. His jaw was set, and his lips were curved in an amused smile, then she remembered that she was to be sharing the cabin with someone else and if he was the one she was currently standing in front of the door, essentially in his way.

“excuse me.” She said meekly, this was not going well for her. He smiled simply and waited for her to move, she did. The cabin entrance was a little tiny and cramped by the beds, and luggage she had crammed to the side, so he was forced to brush up against her. She could feel the heat rising in that second.

Finally, he passed by her and took a seat on the opposite side where the seats were, for all intents ignoring her presence. She hurried out and made her way to the bathroom. Slamming it shut behind her she raised the skirt of her summer dress glad for a moment that she had not worn her bodysuit lingerie which was tricky to maneuver. She felt her sex and noted what she had already known, she was soaking wet.

Feeling the friction of skin against skin she allowed herself to enjoy the emotions as she rubbed herself slowly at first before building it up pinching and gliding against her clit. She moaned softly, inserting a finger and then two she began to ride herself with her free hand as the other braced her position against the walls.

Finally, with one last moan, she came, “uhh.” Flooding her new pair of panties, the evidence of her orgasm leaked between her legs as they buckled from the strength of the orgasm. The feeling had been electric, it was the best orgasm she had experienced in so long. Tidying up she folded the panties in her purse and made her way back to the cabin.

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The man looked up for a moment, acknowledging her return with a smile before continuing on with his reading. Now wearing only the top section of her new sexy lingerie set, she did her best to keep her legs shut. Taking a seat on the lower bunk, she decided to get some work done now that the tingling had settled.

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